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OPD 30007
The End of Violence

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  1. Define Violence
  2. I'm Leaving You
  3. Seeds of Violence
  4. ObservatoryI'm Losing You
  5. You Shoot Him
  6. Four Weeks Later
  7. Mathilda
  8. Six By Numbers
  9. Kinko's
  10. Vamos Empezar
  11. A Night In L.A.
  12. Pourquoi ?
  13. E-mail
  14. Don't Even Know She Got One (Echoplex Mix)
  15. What A City !
  16. Paige
  17. The End Of Violence (End Title)

Produced by : Ry Cooder

Musicians :

Sleeve notes by Wim Wenders : Ry had done the score of "Paris, Texas" for me twelve years ago. The images of that film are inseparable from the haunting sounds of his guitar ever since. More so, it's like they never even existed without them. Could that be? Ry's approach to producing music for a movie is unique. He doesn't sit down and write it. He watches. He watches over and over. And then he plays, in front of the screen. Over and over. Until he uncovers the music that the faces and the landscapes and the things on the screen are making deep down in themselves. He brings that silent score up to the surface, so we can all hear it, thereby rendering those faces, landscapes, objects more visible. His guitar not only produces all those tender, caring, scaring sounds, it also works as a camera, - yes, I'm serious! - as a new and so far unknown instrument of photography. It makes us see better. It's as if you could take the bottleneck from Ry's finger, look through it like a viewfinder and rediscover the world. Here, in "The End of Violence", Ry improves our understanding of Los Angeles, of the people who live there and work there, whether they are movie producer or gardener, stunt woman or cleaning lady. "Magic" like Howie B. would say.

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