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Music By
Ry Cooder
Tracks - Disc One :
  1. Paris, Texas
  2. Theme from Southern Comfort
  3. Theme from Alamo Bay
  4. Across The Borderline [The Border]
  5. Highway 23 [The Border]
  6. Bomber Bash [Streets Of Fire]
    (not released on soundtrack album)
  7. Greenhouse [Blue City]
  8. Nice Bike [Blue City]
  9. I Like Your Eyes [Johnny Handsome]
  10. Main Theme [Johnny Handsome]
  11. See You In Hell, Blind Boy [Crossroads]
  12. Feelin' Bad Blues [Crossroads]
  13. Swamp Walk [Southern Comfort]
  14. Angola [Johnny Handsome]
  15. Viola Lee Blues [Crossroads]
  16. The Long Riders
  17. Archie's Funeral (Hold To God's Unchanging Hand) [The Long Riders]
  18. Jesse James [The Long Riders]

Tracks - Disc Two :
  1. King Of The Street [Trespass]
  2. Sunny's Tune [Johnny Handsome]
  3. No Quiero [The Border]
  4. Cruising With Rafe [Johnny Handsome]
  5. Klan Meeting [Alamo Bay]
  6. I Can't Walk This Time / The Prestige [Johnny Handsome]
  7. East St. Louis [Trespass]
  8. Goose And Lucky [Trespass]
  9. Goyakla Is Coming [Geronimo : An American Legend]
  10. Canoes Upstream [Southern Comfort]
  11. Canción Mixteca [Paris, Texas]
  12. Maria [The Border]
  13. Bound For Canaan (Sieber & Davis) [Geronimo : An American Legend]
  14. Bound For Canaan (The 6th Cavalry) [Geronimo : An American Legend]
  15. Train To Florida [Geronimo : An American Legend]
  16. Houston In Two Seconds [Paris, Texas]

Produced by : Ry Cooder

Musicians for Southern Comfort :

Musicians for Streets Of Fire :

For musicians for other soundtracks, see the separate details of the released albums.

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