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  1. Pecos Bill (Part I)
  2. Pecos Bill (Part II)
  3. Pecos Bill
  4. Prettiest Girl In The World
  5. Up and Up They Went
  6. A Cowboy's Prayer

"The legend of Pecos Bill has been kicking around cowboy's campfires since the first cattle drives more than a hundred years ago. Robin Williams' narration seizes he spirit of Pecos Bill with all the wit of a regular buckeroo. Brian Gleeson's retelling of the Pecos Bill tale and Ry Cooder's guitar licks put the listener smack dab on the lonely range, whence the lore of the Wild West sprang."

Produced by : Mark Sottnick

Credits :

© 1988 Rabbit Ears Productions / Windham Hill

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