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Permanent Damage
  1. The Eureka Springs Garbage Lady
  2. Miss Pamela and Miss Sperky discuss
  3. Who's Jim Sox?
  4. Kansas and the BTO's
  5. The Captain's Fat Theresa Shoes
  6. Wouldn't It Be Sad If There Were No Cones?
  7. Do Me In Once And I'll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I'll Know Better(Circular Circulation) (Produced by Lowell George)
  8. The Moche Monster Review
  9. TV Lives
  10. Rodney
  11. I Have A Painbrush In My Hand To Color A Triangle (Produced by Lowell George. Ry Cooder : bottleneck guitar?)
  12. Miss Christine's
  13. The Original GTO's
  14. The Ghost Chained To The Past, Present, And Future (Shock Treatment)
  15. Love On An Eleven Year Old Level
  16. Miss Pamela's First Conversation With Plaster Casters Of Chicago
  17. I'm In Love With The Ooo-Ooo man

Produced by : Frank Zappa

Special thanks to: Jimmy Carl Black, Roy Estrada, Ian Underwood and Craig Doerge who played on Eureka Springs Garbage Lady, Ooo Ooo Man, Shock Treatment, and Captain's Fat Theresa Shoes; Nicky Hopkins who played piano on Shock Treatment; Frank Zappa who played tamborine on Ooo Ooo Man; Don Preston who played on Television Baby. Note that Ry Cooder is not credited and may not in fact appear on the album.

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