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The End Of Violence

Songs From The Movie Soundtrack
  1. Define Violence - Ry Cooder
  2. Shouldn't You Know
  3. Everytime I Try
  4. Untitled Heavy Beat (pt 1 & 2)
  5. I'm Not Your Baby
  6. Strange World - Ry Cooder, Bill Pullman narration
  7. Little Drop Of Poison
  8. Disrobe
  9. Injured Bird
  10. Bailare (El Merecumbe)
  11. Me Estas Matando
  12. Mr. Wobble
  13. Theme For A Trucker
  14. Unintentional Prayers
  15. You May Feel Me Crying
  16. Bad News
  17. Don't Even Know She Got One
  18. In A Heartbeat

Executive Producers : Wim Wenders, Sharon Boyle

Musicians :

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