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Beverly Hills BHS 26
Melvin Van Peebles

Watermelon Man

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  1. Love, that's America (4.57) (Ry Cooder, electric slide guitar?)
  2. Great Guy (2.31)
  3. Eviction Scene (5.10) (Ry Cooder, electric slide guitar?)
  4. Soul'd on you (3.40) (Ry Cooder, electric slide guitar?)
  5. Where are the Children (3.35)
  6. Erica's theme (2.40)
  7. Fugue 1 (2.08)
  8. Fugue 2 (2.35)
  9. Fugue 3 (4.35) (Ry Cooder, electric slide guitar?)

Produced and Composed by: Melvin Van Peebles
Arranged by: Bob Mathews
Musicians :

Says Stephane: The singers are credited, the musicians are not. A very good slide guitar can be heard on the shown tracks (exception is track 1, which has a not very good guitar part). Cooder presence is obvious on tracks 4 and 9.

© 1969 - Beverly Hills

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